Hello everyone!

FeaturedHello everyone!

Thank you for dropping by! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Let’s start off by me telling you what ‘totallyclassicbeauty’ is all about.

Firstly, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and I see myself as a beloved child of God. You will definitely notice this as you read my posts, as Jesus and what He does in my life will be the inspiration for most of my posts.

I do hope my readers will be able to relate to the content of my posts, and be open to what I have to say.

I would also love to hear how God has blessed you in your life; I love reading others’ stories and finding inspiration from their lives. So…please comment on my posts, tell me if you agree or disagree, or tell me your story!

I want us all to become a close-knit family that shares the love of Jesus, and shines His light in this world where it’s very much needed.

You will be hearing from me soon!

I love you all,

Be blessed! Xxx

At the end of the rainbow…

At the end of the rainbow…

Aren’t rainbows just the most beautiful thing ever? It’s amazing how a reflection of light particles can be so mesmerizing! 

I was driving home from university with my dad. It was raining, and there was mist in the air. I find rain beautiful on its own, but a little something extra is always special – and that’s when I saw the beautiful rainbow! It was a big one (understand? It was “tall”, you could see it go all the way high up into the clouds). 

Looking at it, it almost felt like I could follow it right into Heaven! You probably all know the story about the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, right? Well, today I wish it was true! I told my dad today was our lucky day, because we could literally see exactly where the rainbow’s end point was on the ground. Usually it just fades into nowhere. We could have become rich today! 

Rainbows remind me of God’s promises, and I believe that all His promises and blessings are represented in that big beautiful arc of light. Just like the rainbow consist of different colours, God has different promises and surprises in store for each of us individually. 

Everytime you see a rainbow, be reminded of what God promises you in His Word. He promises to be with you always, to never forsake you, even in the most difficult times. He promises to listen when you pray and to tend to all your needs. He promises to comfort you when you’re sad, and He promises to give you supernatural peace if you put your faith in Him.

How wonderful to have a physical representation of His love in nature! We serve an amazing God!

Who agrees? Do you love rainbows as much as I do? What do you have that reminds you of His promises? 
Blessings xx


Thank you…

Thank you…

Today I realized how much I have to be thankful for. I think we literally don’t realize how much we have until we actually go and think about it.

For me, the fact that I can take a nice, warm bath every single night is a basic need, whilst for millions of people it is actually a luxury they wish to one day have. For them, a bath is perhaps what a hot tub is for us. This just shows what “luxury” means for different types of people – those less fortunate, and those who have everything and don’t realize it!

Whilst applying my face cream, I suddenly tried to imagine what it would be like to not have face cream at all (it might sound silly, but I have a very oil-dry skin, so I NEED my face cream). The idea just sounded horrible! That’s when it also “clicked”. Face moisturiser is also a luxury, where I see it as a basic need once again. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people need it and to some it is really necessary. But how many people actually have the privelege of being able to purchase it every month? 

This is not pointed at everyone, but I really think most of us are so “spoiled”, and are so used to having the things we have that we forget to be thankful for them everyday. The smallest things that are basic to us are actually not that basic!

There’s nothing wrong with having so many clothes, you can’t even wear all of them in a whole month; or having one of the most expensive skin and body product brands in your bathroom cabinet; or riding a Porsche or Ferrari – As long as you remain humble and thankful! 

1 Chronicles 16:34 ”
What are your thoughts on this subject? What do use everyday that you now take for granted? 

Blessings xx


Okay, so… 

Recently, very close friends of us were in a horrible car accident. Two days ago, in fact. These people were present in my life since childhood. They basically saw me grow up.
The lady is an avid Christian and intercessor. She has this amazing gift of helping people, touching their lives with her gift of intercessing, and continually praying for them throughout the day. 

When my dad got saved, he need

ed a lot of guidance, and she was there for him. She even helped me in times where I struggled with some things in my life. I saw her a lot when visiting my best friend. 

The grandpa, was the most giving person I knew. He had a heart for the people around him, always attending to their needs before his own. He always bought my friend loads of sweets and chips and special things to spoil her. She was secretly his favourite. I loved him too… 

He died in the accident…whilst asking if the people in the other car were okay, he collapsed and died from internal bleeding. His wife, the lady, had to to be taken to hospital immediately, as she was severely injured in the accident. 

All over facebook, people are even now still asking for updates on her condition and sending their love and prayers to the family. 

Annalie is the lady’s name. Her whole body is damaged, and she basically needs a miracle if she is to survive… I can’t even begin to think the agony she will experience when she finds out her husband, Harry, did not make it.

Harry is in Heaven, getting rewarded for his generosity here on earth, whilst Annalie is suffering in hospital. 

I do not understand why this happened to two wonderful people, and why now? These are questions we should not ask, as it will cause us to question God’s power and love. 

I trust he will guide this family through their sadness and suffering, and work out everything for good in the end. 

Have you ever experienced such a sad time in your life, or a miracle of healing for someone you know? 

Please pray for this lady, and please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments! 

Be blessed xx